Services and Facilities

Berths and Facilities

The facility currently operates one berth under the following
usage guidelines:
Berth No 1 (Multi-purpose usage)
• Multi-purpose usage – dry-bulk, project, unit and general
- Land-backed steel sheet piled 200m wharf with crane pad and topped wharf apron
• Extensive lay-down, receival and handling areas directly
adjoining landward side of the wharf

• Large indoor storage facilities with overhead Gantry cranes

Navigation & Marine services
The operations of the facility fall within the authority of
Gippsland Ports for all ports within Corner Inlet.
The functions of the local authority, as well as details of
navigational controls, and all aspects of marine safety
and environmental protection are found as information
published by Gippsland Ports and on its website The Gippsland Ports Guide to Corner Inlet provides information on entry into Corner Inlet. Harbour Towage services can be sourced via the Port Anthony berthing application process.
The facility is a secure facility in line with the Maritime
Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Act 2003
(MTOFSA). The perimeter is completely secured with
Mooring and Wharf Services
The facility Managers can provide wharf-side services
including line-handling.
Berth Matrix